Leadership and Management Team

Joseph M. Woodward CEO joe.woodward@housingoptions.org
Kirsten Vincent Interim CEO kirsten.vincent@housingoptions.org
Denis Bouchard COO denis.bouchard@housingoptions.org
Jacqueline Emborski CFO jacque.emborski@housingoptions.org
Earvetta Bizzell Director Corporate Compliance vetta.bizzell@housingoptions.org
Toni Taylor Regional Director South toni.kloss@housingoptions.org
Tomicka Madison Regional Director North tomicka.madison@housingoptions.org
Laura Bentley-Bouchard Director of Peer Support Services laura.bouchard@housingoptions.org
Shadow Hill Team Manager Monroe County shadow.hill@housingoptions.org
Louis Faith Team Manager Erie and Niagara Counties louis.faith@housingoptions.org
Andrew Tompkins Director of Diversion Services  andrew.tompkins@housingoptions.org
Trina Wasylenko Team Manager Peer Bridgers    trina.wasylenko@housingoptions.org
Renee Law Team Manager of Renewal Center  renee.law@housingoptions.org
Tiffany Whipple Transitional Youth Coordinator    tiffany.whipple@housingoptions.org

Arvela Heider Project Coordinator arvela@holark.com


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Administrative Office:

75 Jamestown Street, Gowanda, NY 14070

Phone: (716) 532-5508 / (800) 421-1114

Fax: (716) 532-5618

Email: info@housingoptions.org