Peer Bridger Program

Peer Bridger Services

Peer Bridger Program

Peer support services are delivered by individuals who have common life experiences with the people they are serving. People with mental and/or substance use disorders have a unique capacity to help each other based on a shared affiliation and a deep understanding of this experience. In self-help and mutual support, people offer this support, strength, and hope to their peers, which allows for personal growth, wellness promotion, and recovery. (SAMHSA at

Monroe County

The Peer Bridger program serves individuals in Erie and Monroe Counties. It is structured to promote personal wellness, help reduce high-end services, and reduce potential barriers so that all persons in recovery can find their “spark of life.

  • Work in collaboration with the Mobile Transition Team (MIT) and Community Service Team (CST) in Monroe County. In Erie County, we have Peer Bridgers involved with a Community Reintegration Team in partnership with the Community Health Center of Buffalo (CHCB) and a Peer Bridger working with Buffalo Federation of Neighborhood Centers (BFNC).
  • Work with other housing providers in both counties  
  • Meet individuals in the community at programs and agencies that serve individuals in recovery
  • Help participants create volunteer, educational or employment opportunities
  • Make referrals to other community services to help participants achieve their goals
  • Support successful transition from inpatient psychiatric units back to community living

Our Service focus:

Utilizing a person centered approach, Peer Bridgers meet with individuals that are in the recovery process and transitioning to independent living. They provide services in the community, meeting the individual where they are, in their own apartment, instead of having the person come to a building for all their services.

Peer Bridgers link participants to community activities, agencies or services that promote a healthy lifestyle. They help participants complete an interest inventory to support the development of self-identified goals. The program also creates events that promote recovery and independence.

Types of Services and Linkages:

  • Hygiene skills
  • Library
  • Community events
  • Employment/volunteer opportunities
  • Prompting for housekeeping
  • Creative Wellness Coalition
  • Dental/PCP visits
  • Self Help groups
  • Parks & Recreation
  • PROS programs
  • Food pantries
  • AA/NA meetings
  • Social visits
  • Application for government phones
  • Clothing closets
  • Food shopping
  • Computer lab
  • Rochester Works
  • Bus training
  • Library cards/computer assistance
  • Shopping trips
  • Laundry assistance
  • DSS/SSD/DHS/assistance with benefits
  • Doctor/Wellness appointments
  • Furniture goods
  • Access-VR
  • Assistance with getting ID/birth certificates



For Further Information

For Monroe County, contact: Shadow Hill, Team Manager,

For Erie County, contact: Trina Wasylenko, Team Manager,





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