Respite Services

Respite Services

Housing Options Made Easy, Inc. has developed two innovative peer-run Short-Term Crisis Respite hospital diversion programs that fill a critical gap in the mental health services in Western New York. The Respite Centers provide a recovery-based alternative to existing hospital-driven emergency services.
Since emergency departments (EDs) are always accessible, people often go there for evaluation, thinking there is no other place to go. It becomes a learned behavior to automatically visit the ED when crisis hits. This results in hospitals being overburdened and overcrowded, impacting the quality of services for individuals with mental illness. The Respite Centers are breaking this cycle by providing a community based, home-like setting that helps support individuals in crisis.  The Respite Centers are strength-based and are designed to promote wellness.

The goal of the Respite Center is to provide recovery-oriented, trauma-informed peer and formal support in a community setting. The objectives of the Respite Center are to: 1) Provide respite services for adult consumers to promote hospital diversion and increase meaningful choices for recovery for consumers; 2) Reduce unnecessary emergency department visits; 3) Foster recovery for individuals with serious mental illness through education and goal setting; 4) Demonstrate cost effectiveness; and 5) Provide employment for consumers.
Eagles Nest Respite serves Cattaraugus and Chautauqua Counties.  Refreshing Waters Respite serves Erie County; both respites provide a peaceful and calming environment that promotes health and wellness. These are short term (1-5 days) peer-run respite homes operating in a capacity similar to a bed and breakfast. In most cases we can admit someone within an hour of the pre-registration phone call. Both respite homes can admit guests 24/7 and are open every day of the year.  Each respite is a place where people can reassess goals as they continue on their positive path in life.
Who we are?
The respite staff are all highly trained peer companions and advocates. Our goal is to foster hope for positive change by empowering individuals to discover the ability and knowledge within themselves to create healthy goals to support wellness. We provide opportunity for our guests to gain the tools that they need to continue to find their positive path in life and to help inspire others to do the same.
Who do we work with?
Adults struggling with a mental health issue, including but not limited to, depression, anxiety, veterans and their families, abuse survivors, PTSD, grief and loss of a loved one, individuals and their families living with severe, terminal or chronic illness, and anyone with a mental health issue who is struggling and wants an alternative to hospitalization.
What We Offer:
Support and Empathy * Non-Judgmental Environment * One on one and/or Group Chats * Empowerment * Supportive Relationships * Linkage to Community Resources * Educating and Providing Tools for Continued Wellness * Advocacy and Community Outreach * Various Interactive Therapies * Art * Music * Cooking * Journaling * And so much more!!!
Contact Information:
Kirsten Vincent, Program Director of Respite Services and Co-Manager of Managed Care Services
Eagles Nest Respite House serving Cattaraugus and Chautauqua Counties
House 844-421-1114 or 716-241-4605
Warmline 877-426-4373 or 716-241-4606
Text for Warmline 716-392-0252
Refreshing Waters Respite House serving Erie County
House 844-588-8427 or 716-248-2886
Warmline 844-749-3848 or 716-248-2941
Text for Warmline 716-392-2221

Get in touch

Administrative Office:

75 Jamestown Street, Gowanda, NY 14070

Phone: (716) 532-5508 / (800) 421-1114

Fax: (716) 532-5618